World-Class Cheating Pays Off For “the TarK”

In perhaps the most outrageous vote in the storied history of The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, their halls were forever soiled today with the election into the Hall of World-Class Cheater Jerry Tarkanian.

Tarkanian coached three NCAA Division One schools, bringing each to basketball prominence, and violating every rule in the book at each school, resulting in significant sanctions against all three schools, as well as against himself. That part is a story unto itself.

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Tarkanian first gained fame by building a college basketball power at Long Beach State University. He was there from 1968 to 1973, and he reached the NCAA West Regional final in 1971. Widespread recruiting violations eventually resulted in Long Beach being placed on probation.

From there, he moved to UNLV, where he became

a household name with his powerhouse “Runnin’ Rebels”, who won the NCAA Championship in 1990, but it was not long before he again ran afoul of the NCAA. In 1976 the school was placed on two years probation and Tarkanian himself was suspended from coaching for two years. Tarkanian sued, and though he was able to influence a Nevada state judge to issue an injunction from enforcing the suspension, the case ultimately went all the way to the US Supreme Court, and in 1988 the highest court ruled in favor of the NCAA and against Tarkanian, re-instating the suspension.

Tarkanian coached UNVL for almost 20 years, and took his team to four Final Fours. How you ask? Well, an investigation by the Las Vegas Review Journal, and ultimately by the NCAA, demonstrated ties to the program, and recruiting, with infamous gambler Richard Perry, who was not once, but twice, was convicted of felonies for sports bribery. Following the school’s 1990 title, the roof finally collapsed on Tarkanian, as NCAA sanctions barred UNLV from the 1992 Tournament, and he resigned from the school.

He wasn’t gone for long, though, and he took the coaching job at yet another California State University, this time Fresno State. He got the school to two NCAA Tournaments, but fled Fresno after the 2002 season, just ahead of the school being placed on probation by the NCAA for Tarkanian’s latest round of violations.

Three schools, three schools left in shambles, violations, and probation. That is Tarkanian’s legacy.

That is who just got voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. SHAME ON EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO VOTED FOR THIS DESPICABLE CHEAT.

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