Lakers Gain on Dallas, But Utah Is Too Tough

I could have been wrong in saying that Dallas will capture the last Western Conference playoff spot, but I was definitely NOT wrong is continuing to emphatically say that the “Old and Slow” Lakers will NOT make the playoffs. While the Dallas team has not kept up its end of the bargain, Utah’s resurgence has put them in the driver’s seat, though the schedule still favors the Mavericks.

Currently in a tie with the Lakers, Utah is on a five game winning streak, but has to face the likes of Denver, Memphis, Oklahoma City and Golden State during their final seven games. Dallas, with eight games left, faces only Memphis twice and Denver among .500

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teams. The Mavericks, following last nights Lakers’ win, are now two-and-one-half games out.

And, don’t let last night’s game fool you. Rife with emotion over the return of Shaq and the half-time ceremonies, the team played so far above its collective head, engineers tested Staples Center for hours looking for helium leaks. Expect a far different result when the team plays a young, fast, and energetic Memphis team on Friday. Memphis is only .1 point per game away from allowing the least points per game, and gives up the fewest opposing team rebounds of any team in the NBA.

Finally, the shenanigans of Dallas owner Mark Cuban are usually entertaining and uplifting, but his current addled, asinine, and senseless statements concerning his desire to sign unindicted felon Brittney Griner is a stupid, ridiculous distraction his team does not now need. Not only would Griner be totally incapable of playing on the same court with or against even the bottom 5% of male professional basketball players, but her presence would give the NBA a second psycho thug in addition to the meta tag psycho artest thing being paid by the Lakers to impersonate a basketball player. Least you forget, it was during a 2010 game that Griner punched Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle in the face breaking her nose, for which she received the TOTAL punishment of a two game suspension.

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