Despite Dallas Win, Lakers Came Out Way Ahead Yestersday

Note: Under normal circumstances, we wish no player with any team in any sport to suffer any injury, ever. However, the meta tag psycho artest thing is a sociopath who has frequently demonstrated his anti-social behavior and propensity for violence, most famously on that 2004 eve in Auburn Hills, Michigan, when during a Detroit Pistons – Indiana Pacers game, assaulting opposing players was not enough for him, and he went into the seats for the specific purpose of viciously and violently attacking one or more fans. He received a slap on the wrist for his outrageous conduct, which failed to result in a criminal prosecution (he did at one time spend time in jail following a conviction for domestic violence). He should have not only have been arrested and prosecuted for his felonious conduct, but banned for life from the NBA. Check out the video, especially 1:40 into it when the thing runs down a row of seats and tackles a fan, turning a bad brawl into the worst ever in NBA history:

The news that the meta tag psycho artest thing has suffered a torn meniscus and could miss the rest of the season is great news for the Lakers, ridding them of a worthless piece of garbage during their stretch run. While it has been so abundantly clear this year that the Lakers’ bench is abysmal, scraping old gum off the underside, shoving it into a uniform, and putting it in at small forward is a major improvement over the thing that should be rotting in prison, not stealing millions while playing inferior basketball.

This is just enough good news to make up for the fact that Dallas beat the Clippers in overtime last night and have now pulled within a game of the Lakers in the race for that last playoff spot.

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