Don’t Worry, the Lakers Will Not be in the NBA Playoffs

Throughout the season I’ve often written that the Lakers will miss this years’ NBA Playoffs. Despite a few games here and there where the team seems to almost show a purpose and desire to play together and win, and an improved second-half won-lost record, the team that went out last night and embarrassed itself in Oakland is still the REAL Lakers, a team whose players will have a nice Spring tending the garden and walking the dog.

I didn’t get to write this, or much else, until now, because I’ve been sick, but last Saturday, I think it was, I looked through the remaining games on the Lakers’ schedule, and calculated that they would go 4-8 the rest of the regular season. Last night was their first game since that calculation, and losing to Golden State means 4-7 the rest of the way.

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All season long, well, ever since the James Harden trade that is, I always felt that they would never, ever, end ahead of Houston, but I also did not think that Utah would fade as they have. But, never fear, I have had an ace in the hole all along, and that is the Dallas Mavericks. I also computed that Dallas would go 8-5 the rest of their season, and they are 1-0 since then. All this would translate to Dallas finishing at 41-41 and LA at 40-42.

Dallas can show the NBA that they belong in the playoff tonight when they play the Clippers. Though a loss would not be unexpected, the Clippers are

banged up again, with Chauncey Billups likely out and Chris Paul nursing a bruised knee. I didn’t give Dallas a win in this one, so a win would give them a game buffer.

With the heralded return of Pau Gasol from his foot injury, the continued inability of Coach Mike D’Antoni to figure out how to get him and Deee-Wight to play together remains a serious problem. To the Lakers” benefit, however, is the fact that the meta tag psycho artest thingy hurt his little knee and may be out a while. Keeping the psycho off the court could only improve the team’s limited chances for the post season, but for die-hard fans, every little psycho bit helps.

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