College Basketball in LA – Ya Never Know What’s Up

After winning six of their last seven and sailing along right at the top of the PAC-12 standings for a couple of weeks now, UCLA appeared to be in a great position to end the conference season as the regular season champs. Then, however, they had to play the 11-18 (2-14) Washington State Cougars. It was not a pretty sight, as the Cougars snapped a 19-game home losing streak to UCLA in a game they dominated from start to finish. The Bruins shot a miserable 38% and were out rebounded 43 to 20, losing by a dozen points in a game that was not that close.

Amazingly, that was not the big story in southland college basketball this week.

The real news, and the real amazing, unbelievable college basketball story maybe of the season in LA, is the fact that trojan A.D. Pat Haden has met with former coach Timmy Floyd concerning his return as the brain surgeon’s head guy. Yep, the SAME Timmy who was caught red-handed at least once proving mounds of cash to former trojan wunderkind o.j. mayo, who of course needed regular infusions of moola to pay for his resort living lifestyle while committing turnovers and occasionally putting up 3-pointers for the brain surgeon five; the same Timmy who was such a big part of the criminal enterprise that flourished under the guidance of former athletic director Mike Garrett and the watchful eye of football entrepreneur uncle petey.

Carroll of course, engineered a multi-million dollar deal to run to Seattle, thanks to the efforts of Jerry Buss and Tim Leiweke, but it had been Timmy who was left holding the part of the bag that Garrett avoided, and he was allowed to “resign”, only to resurface later on at UTEP. Thanks to Timmy, the trojans forfeited a couple of dozen wins, and gave up tv and tournament appearances. But if you listen to what he has to say now, he was totally innocent of any wrongdoing while at trojanville. Hey Timmy, what about those stories of clubhouse drinking during halftime of games while you coached the Chicago Bulls?

Pad Haden road into sc on his white horse as the savior of an athletic department in ruins. He was applauded – even here – for his efforts to clean it up. Bringing Timmy back would be an unthinkable step backward and a likely first step to a return of deceit, dishonesty, and thuggery.

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