At the NBA Break in LA

As the All-Star break is racing by and the trade deadline nears, there is lots of talk of NBA trades, many involving the Clippers, and most of those involving Eric Bledsoe. Lakers’ trade talk is quiet, and that is an even bigger mistake.

Every 6″9″ forward in the NBA save for LeBum and ‘Melo has seemingly been rumored headed to the Clippers for Bledsoe, and most of these deals would be awful for Clippers’ fortunes now and in the future. Bledsoe more than proved his worth when Chris Paul missed several recent games, and especially until Paul’s signature is on the dotted line on a new long term deal, the team cannot afford to trade him, with a single exception.

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Paul Millsap, Josh Smith, Danny Granger, and Carlos Boozer could all be of help now, but those, and several others mentioned would not provide overall improvement to the Clippers. The mention of names such as J.J.Hickson, Iman Shumpert, and Ben Gordon is pure idiocy. But one name, illusory as it may be, does stand out, and that single player would fit the team well, and could mean the difference in the playoffs: Kevin Garnett.

Garnett, however, has said he will not waive his no trade deal, but the chance at a title, and piles of money, have been known to temper such feelings.

Of all the names out there, the only one the team should consider is Garnett.

Silence is deafening on the Lakers’ trade front. As we said a long time ago, if this team is EVER to regain it’s spirit and it’s winning ways, they HAVE TO rid themselves of the Deee-Wight albatross. Now is the time to trade him. If they do not, and if they lose him to free agency, the franchises will sink even lower than they are now. They will not make the playoffs this season with Howard, and they can do just as well without him. They must forget this season, and think to the future, and get what they can for him now, before they get nothing.

A final Lakers’ note: With Jerry Buss gone and Jimmy now ensconced in the top spot, his ego and lack of basketball sense will result in serious head-butting with Mitch Kupchak, and Kupchak’s likely departure within a year. They may think it’s bad now, but Lakers’ fans are in for some rough seasons ahead.

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