“Enough Already” -Anonymous UCLA Bruin Alum

Tonight was too much to handle, losing, at home, to the then 8-13 brain surgeons. Only a few thoughts here; too mad, and surprised, to write more:

The ups have been pretty good, but the downs have been horrible. To lose 1) to any clearly inferior team, and 2) to the trojan b.s. anytime, especially at home, is more than unacceptable, it’s unconscionable, insidious, indefensible, and shameful. And it stinks. The team was also back to full strength (such as it is) with Travis Wear returning after missing the last game with a concussion.

Since their ten-game winning streak ended and the Bruins and Ben Howland were flying high, and after theHoundDawg had thoroughly enjoyed the cool-aid (“Reports of Bruins, Howland Demise Vastly Overblown”), they’ve lost three of four. Funny how it goes: It seems that the team was playing really good defense during those wins, and no defense against Arizona St. and the brain surgeons. Another common thread to the losses has been horrible three-point shooting. They were a ghastly two of 29 tonight after going five of 24 in the last game.

The Bruins’ bench contributed all of seven points, and it remains a mystery why Howland doesn’t get more court time for Tony Parker, who played all of four minutes tonight.

In closing, we must again mention the evil PAC-12, Time-Warner, Charter Cable, and the PAC-12 “Network” that believes us folk who reside in the San Gabriel Valley where we depend on Charter for TV, DO NOT MATTER, as we STILL do not have the PAC-12 Network available to us. Of course tonight we might have been motivated to toss a piece of decorative UCLA memorabilia through the tv screen.

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