Phil Mickelson, My Former Favorite Golfer

For many years, my favorite golfer has been Phil Mickelson. Not really sure why, except for his name, that he’s a SoCal guy, and a lefty. I guess that’s enough.

Anyway, who knew he was such an ass.

So, he’s been all over the media, complaining about how new tax rates will cause him to “make drastic changes”, whatever that may mean. What’s he gonna do, spend then next 20 years in a hole somewhere, or move to the Caymans? Come on, Phil, shouldn’t a reasonable portion of your income go to pay for the municipal golf courses your fans play on, and the roads they traverse to get to see you play, and for the police who arrest the stalker who screams out just when you’re about to putt, and for the firemen who are waiting around to put out the grease fire in your kitchen while you’re on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and, oh yea, for the $18,000 per year salary all those soldiers in Afghanastan take home, the ones I’m sure now having a glimpse into your politics, that you believe should be there, now and forever. Huh, Phil?

Guess I forgot to mention that Phil has made more than $67 Million playing golf, and last year alone took in an additional $43 Million in endorsements. Forbes ranks him as the seventh most highly paid athlete.

Yea, Phil, you need to make some changes. They are, however, all in your mind.

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