It’s Time To Trade Dwight Howard

I’ve written extensively about the unmotivated, lackadaisical, and ineffective performance of Dwight Howard, and about how he, among other Lakers, does not fit the Mike D’Antoni system. Since the trade that brought him here was made, I’ve been saying that he would not be fully recovered from his major back surgery before at least mid-season, and as we have now reached that point, he is still struggling physically and not improving. I don’t think he will be any better off physically until next season, following rest and rehab. But his attitude and his refusal to embrace the D’Antoni system are bigger problems, and there is no visible resolution to that, that includes him remaining a Laker.

Deee-Wight’s apparent confidant Jarrod Rudolph has arisen today with new reports that the Brooklyn Nets are renewing efforts to trade for Howard, and there is scuttlebutt of a three-way deal with Brooks Lopez going to Minnesota, Kevin Love coming to LA, and

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Deee-Wight emigrating to Brooklyn. What a FABULOUS deal for the Lakers!

As you can probably tell, I’ve never been a Deee-Wight fan. He has never played better than he did during Orlando’s title run during the 2008-9 season., and at 27, he should be improving, not remaining stagnant. Sure, he’s a great defender and outstanding rebounder, and a massive presence under the basket. But he cannot make a shot from more than one single INCH from the basket, cannot hit an important free throw, is unwilling to make any sacrifices for the good of his team, and laughs off any

bad moment, seemingly mugging for the nearest camera.

Love is the perfect big guy for the D’Antoni system, and reports are that he is fed up in Minnesota and would embrace a return to SoCal. The only downside of this developing super talent is that the past year has seen him saddled with several bad injuries, and even now he is out for several weeks with a broken hand.

Who knows, the Lakers might even be able to get a top draft pick out of a deal like this, any maybe they could pick up, should he be one-and-out, a great talent like Shabazz Muhammad, who could be the next Kobe.

The declining Lakers would be devastated to lose Deee-Wight to free agency, and they are now totally, irrevocably OUT of playoff contention with him. Make a deal now, and next year they may be able to compete with the Clippers.

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