Tired Old Lakers Couldn’t Compete With Very Average Houston Team

With much of the Lakers’ awful bench now part of the starting five due to injuries, the “Old and Slow” team started strong, but quickly faltered against the very average Houston Rockets last night, and now face a couple of actually good teams, San Antonio in a short while, and then Oklahoma City on Friday.

The Lakers have now fallen to the 19th spot on the Yahoo! Sports power rankings, as their horrible defense has now given up 110 point per game over the last half dozen. After the last couple of losses I mentioned how the team does not seem to even care about playing defense. That was very evident again last night, as Rockets’ players were frequently standing alone in the open, salivating as passes came in their direction, and highlight films repeated fast breaks with Houston plays flying in front of defenders on clear paths to the basket.

Some of the newly promoted subs, and the lesser-subs now getting relief minutes in their stead, had some ok minutes against Houston. I expect that tonight the novelty will have worn off, and I see a really bad loss looming, to be followed by an even more one sided catastrophe on Friday.

The Lakers with their full roster are not a good team and would likely end the season battling for .500, and missing the playoffs. The current team is among the leagues’ worst, and if the injuries to Deeee-Wight and Pau Gasol linger, they could find themselves battling Phoenix and Sacrament to stay out of the Pacific Division cellar.

As commentator and play-by-play guy John Ireland admitted on KSPN radio today, the team has no heart.

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