Lakers’ Injuries Wreck Havoc on Thin Roster

As we may have mentioned a time or two, the Lakers have the worst bench in the NBA. Now, with injuries to three big men including starters Deeee-Wight Howard and Pau Gasol, and Jordan Hill, increased playing time from the dregs of the roster will be ugly, damn ugly.

Tonight’s starting lineup against the Rockets will likely include not only the worthless, over-the-hill Antawn Jamison, but also one Robert Sacre, the team’s new starting center. WHO you may ask? Sacre is a 7 foot rookie center from Gonzaga who has appeared in 13 NBA games, while playing the minute equivalent of one full game. He has scored seven points and has netted 10 boards, but also committed 14 fouls. Look for former Magic benchwarmer 6’10″ Earl Clark, who has played less than Scare, to also get a lot of p.t., especially after Scare fouls out.

Gasol should only miss a couple of games, but Howard, now suffering from a torn labrum, could be out much longer than the week the team has announced. Anyone who watched the Lakers-Clippers game the other night would have to wonder just how he suffered this phantom injury as he clearly is seen clutching his shoulder after NOT being touched.

The one thing the Lakers have going for them tonight is the fact that Houston has no dominant big men and big games from Kobe and Steve Nash could result in a big win in Houston. San Antonio tomorrow night is a different story.

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