The Long Arms of NFL’s Black Monday

(I began writing this last night, and a lot has changed in a few hours, so back to the drawing board for some of it.)

So within a day of the end of the NFL’s regular season, seven head coaches and five general managers all got the ax. Most firings were not too surprising, with some, such as the Chargers’ Norv Turner, long overdue. The biggest surprise, thought, was Rexy Ryan keeping his job with the Jets, especially since GM Mike Tannenbaum was let go. So, of the two worst coaches in the NFL in recent memory, Turner and Ryan, only one will be wiping down bar tables and fetching beer nuts.

I was going to opine about the future of the best coach to get the ax, Andy Reid, but that is where drastic events have come to light. I was going to say that there was a good chance that Reid would wander west, near his LA roots, to possibly San Diego, where the Chargers are now close and could become the future of LA football, or to Arizona, which is still in the SoCal proximity, or sojourn to Jacksonville, where the Jags might soon be packing up and moving to downtown LA.

But all that is off the table now, as it appears that Reid and Kansas City are about to make a match made in hell. If ever there was somewhere that did not look like a fit, it’s KC. Everything said about Reid is that he wants total control of his next team, which he could get with the Chargers’ or Jaguars, but not in KC. While the Chiefs’ coaching spot is open, Scott Pioli is still in charge, and a new force is rising out of the ashes of Jerry Jones, Al Davis and George Halas. Clark Hunt, who possesses all of the football expertise of your average billionaire who inherited it all without a day’s real work in his life, is now running the team and has vowed to take charge of the entire operation. Just what a new coach needs to hear.

Even if Pioli is let go, Reid and Hunt would be on a collision course from day one. If would not end well.

So, if Reid does take the job, who would play quarterback? My prediction is that after giving $7.5 M per year to one worthless trojan qb, they’d draft another over-rated trojan, and pay him millions more to fall apart under pressure. Yep, Andy Reed-Scott Pioli-Clark Hunt-Matt Barkley – a real match made in heaven.

In other coaching rumors, it seems the number one guy NFL GMs are after is Chip Kelly, who would appear to be doing an uncle petey run from his school as the NCAA is closing in on the Oregon Ducks. Of course, Kelly doesn’t also have the courts and the long arm of the law to worry about like uncle petey did. Anyway, Kelly could probably write his own ticket in any of several of the towns with coaching vacancies, but my guess is San Diego or Arizona. Hopefully it will be SD, as the name most often mentioned for that job is UCLA’s Jim Mora and losing him after one season would be a disaster for the Bruins (and us alumni). So Chip, great weather in San Diego, eh?

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