How Many Point Guards Is Too Many?

All year, the high-flying New York Knicks have started an all-point guard backcourt, with Raymond Felton playing next to off-season acquisition Jason Kidd. But now in the last couple of games Lakers’ coach Mike D’Antoni, in his ever-changing lineup, seemingly built with the sole purpose of eliminating any chance what-so-ever of playing ANY defense, has also started two point guards, giving a starting spot to of all people Darius Morris, next to Steve Nash, necessitating the move of Kobe Bryant to the three slot.

Anyone watching the first few minutes of today’s event saw the sheer folly of Morris attempting to guard Carmelo Anthony. Luckily, Morris committed two pretty quick fouls and will likely not see too much more playing time, at least in the second quarter. As to the Knicks, the team’s one real shooting guard, J.R. Smith, does get equal playing time with Kidd and Felton, and as I write this, he is the Knick’s leading scorer today, just ahead of 40-year-old Kurt Thomas, who Knicks’ coach Mike Woodson decided to start today. Also as I write this, not surprisingly, the 12 points Smith, Steve Novak, and 39-year-old Marcus Camby have off the bench are 12 more than the Lakers’ bench has contributed, in close to 20 minutes of playing time.

More later.

Add re uniforms: What the hell are these teams wearing? Knicks’ all-orange is awful, and I love the color orange, and the Lakers’ all white seems designed for the sole purpose of preventing fans from being able to read player numbers.

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