To Win, Or,….. To Lose?

Tough to root this weekend.

Of course we want UCLA to win every football game, but if we beat Stanford on Saturday, that means playing the PAC-12 title game against Oregon, in Oregon, a week later. A loss to Stanford would mean the PAC -12 title matchup would be UCLA in a re-match against Stanford, at Stanford. Hmm. Beating Oregon would be, shall we say, difficult, but a split with Stanford, not so far fetched.

Similarly, the very last thing we could EVER image in rooting for the trojan brain surgeons to win any game, but who else do you hate to see win? Why Notre Dame, of course. Year in and year out, we’re Notre Dame fans one day a year, furiously rooting for them against the brain surgeons, but also rooting for them to lose the rest of the time. But that is not the real issue this year, the real issue is Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin has gotten a vote of confidence from trojan Athletic Director Pat Haden, who says Kiffin will be back next season, but with the alumni up in arms, who really knows? How best to placate the alumni? Why a win against ND. So, in the long run, maybe, just maybe, Bruin interests are [also] best served by a brain surgeon win over the Irish. Generally unthinkable, but, this year?

SC knocking Notre Dame out of the BCS top spot and giving them their first loss of the season would be awfully hard to accept by any Bruin fan, but a bad loss to ND, and the firing of Kiffin could result in Haden hiring a real coach who could take that brain surgeon talent and make a decent team out of it.

A lot to think about this weekend.

Oh, and one more thing. There have been rumors going around that Tennessee has Bruin coach Jim Mora in their sights and that they could offer him $3 Million per year more than the University of California can and does pay him.

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