D’Antoni: It’s “Muppet Time!”

The long wait for Mike D’Antoni to actually coach a Lakers’ game ended yesterday, and their three game winning streak ended tonight, in an embarrassing loss to a bad Sacramento team. The Kings won their third game of the season against eight losses, and still have the worst record in the Western Conference, but after decisively outplaying his Lakers’ team, D’Antoni in an attempted play on words, called the performance not “Showtime” but rather “Muppet Time.”

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Actually, it WAS Showtime, as the high-flyin’ Kings put on their own show, running, gunning, rebounding, and laughing off the dismal Lakers’ attempts at defense, and scoring 71 second half points. Not only did the Kings seemingly score at will against the barely visible mirage of a defense they had to contend with, shooting 54% from the floor, including 47% on threes, but their own defense made mincemeat of Deeee-Wight, who was able to get free long enough to put up a total of four shot attempts in over 40 minutes of playing time.

If it were not for a dynamic performance from Kobe, who scored 38 points, the 16 point loss would have been immeasurably worse.

Equally bad as the defense was the Lakers’ bench, which, of course, is the norm from most likely the worst bench in Laker history and likely the worst group of non-performers backing up any NBA team this season. The beach actually did score 19 points tonight, but that was thanks totally to a Jodie Meeks sighting. Meeks, who had lived up to his talent level all season scoring 25 pints in the team’s first 11 games, amazingly put in 15 tonight. Don’t expect to see that again anytime soon.

Frustrations were in abundance, as evidenced by a flagrant foul being called on Pau Gasol, and a technical on Deeee-Wight. Perhaps the new next ex-coach needs to have a talk with them. Couldn’t hurt.

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