3-0 Bruins at Full Strength for Legends Classic Tournament

Well, following the Kyle Anderson baloney, the garbage with Shabazz Muhammad and the NCAA is also now over and he is cleared to play. For the record, the allegations about recruiting violations and these two players concerned schools OTHER THAN UCLA and were directed at those schools (Duke and North Carolina in the Muhammad case) and the players, and NOT the Bruins.

So, in a little while the 3-0 Bruins take the court against Georgetown in the Legends Classic Tournament in Brooklyn, with their full freshman class. That class includes the multi-talented Anderson, who is yet to show his full abilities, Tony Parker, who is just beginning to put it together with five-for-seven against James Madison last Thursday, and the guy who has been the hands-down star of the team so far, Jordan Adams, who is leading the team with a 24 points per game average and is shooting 56% from the floor, all off the bench. And then there is Muhammad, considered either the number one or number two recruit in the country, depending on who’s reporting.

Surround these guys with a Joshua Smith, a Larry Drew II, a couple of Weir Brothers, and a Normal Powell on one of his hot nights, and there is no limit as to what the Bruins can do this season.

UCLA has faced Georgetown only twice before, winning both games. The Hoyas are a young team and are generally picked to be in the middle of the Big-East pack.

The game is about to start.

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