LA Clippers Start Their Season Tonight

The LA Clippers enter the NBA season with a strong starting five bolstered by perhaps the NBA’s best bench, and a great young coach. They will win the Pacific Division title, ending ahead of the Lakers, and be in a dogfight with Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Minnesota, and the Lakers, for the Western Conference title.

A healthy Chris Paul running the Clippers offense, hopefully playing next to Chauncey BIllups at the two for a whole season, will lead the team, along with Blake Griffin, to the best season in franchise history.

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The key, though, will be that deep and talented bench, featuring Jamal Crawford, Eric Bledsoe, Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes, Grant Hill, Ronny Turiaf, and Willie Green.

The team opens the season in a couple of hours, against Memphis, who they beat in the first round of last year’s playoffs. Memphis should be a greatly improved team this season as they are no longer burdened with having the massively over-rated dishonorable devious delinquent deviant and aptly named former trojan oj mayo on their roster, replacing him at the back-up shooting guard spot

with Wayne Ellington, acquired from Minnesota.

Speaking of acquisitions, local sports writer Arkash Markazi gives Paul all the credit for convincing Billups to return to basketball and the Clippers after his serious injury of last season, and of similarly convincing Hill, Crawford, Green, Barnes, and Turiaf that they would all find happiness and success as Clippers.

The Clippers should be winners big time this year, or maybe not, but one thing is for sure after watching the Laker’s opener last night: The Clippers will be much more fun to watch than the Lakers.

The Clippers start the season with their two big guys, Paul and Griffin, presumably healthy, but Billups isn’t ready for action yet, nor is Hill, and Lamar Odom starts the year fighting the effects of a couple of weeks of knee soreness, but he says he’ll play in the opener. Not so for Matt Barnes, who has a one game suspension for tonight, due to a legal matter he recently finalized.

It will certainly be interesting this season.

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