Give the Credit Where it is Due – to Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy deserves all the credit in the world after leading his San Francisco Giants to their second World Championship in the past three years.

We wrote the Giants off twice this year, first in their run for the NL West title when their leading hitter, Melky Cabrera, was suspended for what turned out to be the rest of the season, for illegal PED usage. We said they’d sink in the West, with the new-look Dodgers overtaking them. That went well.

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The late season streak to a runaway title led us to pick them to win the NL championship, and they did so, but our second error was in not picking them to win it all against Detroit. We failed to see just how overpowering their pitching was, giving little credence to any continued contributions from the scummy little trojan barry zit-o, and being disappointed in the poor Division Series start by Tim Lincecum. We also did not give the team enough of an edge for having the benefit of a a magician in the dugout in Bochy, and we discounted the toll that a a five day layoff would have on the powerhouse Tigers.

Well, Bochy made all the right moves with his pitching, and everywhere else, Pablo Sandoval and Marco Scutaro had dynamite series’, Bochy knew when and how to use guys like Ryan Theriot, and everything fell into place, for a four game sweep of Detroit.

Looking forward to next season, it appears evident that the Dodgers’ can put together a team with a $300 M payroll, and they will not be competitive with a Giants’ roster that cost $200 M less, but that is managed by Bruce Bochy. Add in the yearly magic performed by Kirk Gibson with his rag-tag team in Arizona, and the improving young guys Bud Black has in San Diego, and the mass of nothingness that manages the Dodgers’ will be lucky to keep his solid-gold team out of the cellar.

Wise up, Stan Kasten and Ned Colletti, and get rid of mattingly NOW while Tim Wallach is still available. Lose him to another team, as they likely will, and it will be history repeated, with Wallach pulling a Mike Scioscia with another team, while the Dodgers wade through mediocre years with a manager who makes you yearn for Grady Little, Bill Russell or Jim Tracy.

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