Pac-12, UCLA Continue to Say “Screw You” to Fans

As week five of the college football season is well underway, fans who have Charter Cable (and a lot of other providers, as I understand, other than Time-Warner) have a great choice of games to tune in tonight at about 7:00 pm. They can watch West Virginia v Texas, Georgia v South Carolina, Vanderbilt v Missouri, Rice v Memphis, Texas A & M v Mississippi, Miami v Notre Dame, Florida St v North Carolina, Hawaii v San Diego St, and at 7:30, they can tune in the Pac-12 battle between Oregon and Washington.

What we cannot watch, is UCLA v California.

Week after week, Bruin fans in Southern California continue to get screwed over by the Pac-12 and its new TV deal with Time-Warner, keeping Charter and other providers, and millions of fans, out in the cold (or more correctly, 100º SoCal heat), facing the sole recourse of listening to the radio call of the mediocre and insufferable Chris Roberts.

This has gone on far too long. What makes matters worse, is this did not happen over the past few depressing Rick Neuheisel losing years, but at a time of Bruin excitement and resurgence. NOW is when we crave to see the action, not try to piece together what transpires from the ill-chosen and non-descriptive words of Mr. Roberts.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott, the guy who abandoned a century of football rules and procedures to hand a million dollars to Jerry Buss last season, and whose background (and interest, evidently) is in tennis, should still be expected to have some degree of concern for Pac-12 fans. As he apparently does not, and has allowed this disaster to continue so far into the season, he should unceremoniously lose his job.

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