I Love Mike Trout, But Cabrera, Posey are MVPs

Never has a new guy broken into the majors with the array of abilities and stats to back them up, as has Mike Trout this season. Recalled a month into the season, Trout has hit 30 home rums, is one stolen base short of 50, having been caught only four times, is second in the batting race, has driven in 83 runs from the leadoff spot, has scored a league-leading 129, and, oh yea, is the dominant defensive center fielder in baseball. But Miguel Cabrera deserves the AL MVP.

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The Tigers were languishing behind the White Sox for much of the season, but behind Cabrera’s super hot bat and clutch hitting, and the pitching of Justin Verlander, the team rallied to win the Central Division, going away. At the same time, Trout’s Angels could never make the needed move, and ended the season a very disappointing third behind both Texas and Oakland. As we have said, pitching had more to do with the Angels lack of success this season than anything Trout did or did not accomplish, but the MVP is just that, Most Valuable Player, and that is most heavily weighted by the player’s team’s success, and with that standard, all the weight goes to Detroit

and Cabrera. Cabrera now also looks assured of winning the triple crown, and that does not hurt his chances, either.

Similarly in the National League, a few players had standout seasons. Ryan Braun had a better season that in his MVP season last year. Hitting in a lineup without Prince Fielder, with a day to go he has hit 41 home runs, exceeding last year’s total by eight, and has more RBIs than last year. But his Brewers team also greatly disappointed. For much of the season Andrew McCutchen was a monster, hitting, hitting with power, and leading his Pirates to a great first few months. But the Pirates sank, and with that, McCutchen’s MVP chances.

The NL team that got it together to run away with its division, after turmoil that could have destroyed their season, was the Giants, and they did it on the back of Buster Posey, who deserves the NL Most Valuable Player award.

Coming back from a devastating injury that could have threatened his continued success, if not his career, Posey had a relatively slow start at bat, but slowly got it all back, and when the team’s leading hitter Melky Cabrera saw his season end due to a PED suspension and when the team could have packed it in and fallen out of the race, as we thought it would, it was Posey who took the challenge, and lead the team to a run away division lead.

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