UCLA Bruins, PAC 12, NCAA, Open College Football Season Tonight

Is there really any need to even play the upcoming college football season? I mean, all these sc wonk pundits have already handed over the PAC 12 title AND the national championship to lane kiffin’s band of scallywags. Well, I guess they might as well play the games. Who knows, maybe some things won’t happen as they envision.

Their front-line offense is awesome, but their overall depth is suspect, as is much of their re-built defense. Play the games, and see but cut out the crap like John Ireland saying that their punter may not touch the field all season

Know-it-alls have Stanford ranked as high as number 18 in the country (Coaches poll; Writer’s AP poll has them at #21). That will never happen – Stanford’s days as a power are over for now, and not just because Andrew Luck is gone. No, the Cardinal’s success over the past few years was due as much to coach Jim Harbaugh as to Luck, and there is now a giant void on the Stanford sideline. They will be underachievers and also-rans so long as David Shaw is the head coach. Pac-12 Coach of the Year? Let’s see what he accomplishes with Jon Nunez at QB.

In Washington, this is a make-or-break year for Steve Sarkisian, and I would not be too surprised to see his “dawgs” meet or exceed their number 25 and number 26 predicted spots. While they do play the trojans and Oregon, the only other real tough game on their schedule is a killer week two against LSU.

And then we have the Bruins.

I was not a fan of Jim Mora, Jr. when he got the job, and am still questioning the choice, but I do like a lot of what I have seen and heard, and his biggest decision (Was it really a no-brainer?) to give the QB job to Brett Hundley could well have been messed up. After all, he was around last season, and Rick Neuheisel chose to red-shirt him, even when his own job was on the line, and the other quarterbacks were falling left and right. Also, as any observer should have guessed, Mora threw the Pistol Offense in the LA River where it belonged, and has installed a spread offense. What could Hundley and the receiving talent on last year’s team have done with THAT offense? Big time play from not only Hundley but from Joseph Fauria and freshmen receiver hopefuls Javon Williams and Kenny Walker will be key to the Bruin offense. I think it could work, and that the Bruins may exceed expectations, going 7-5, or just maybe even 8-4.

Our erstwhile Bruin expert, Songwriter Jon Udell, who is usually spot-on with his pre-season Bruin picks, has them going 6-6 this year. Hopefully, he has underestimated Mora’s ability and influence as a hard-line, take-charge guy, the antithesis of the Neuheisel image. Kitckoff in Texas is in less than two hours.

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