Giants Extend Lead Over Dodgers, Thanks to Lincecum, Blanton

The underpowered Giants now sit one and one-half games ahead of the Dodgers, thanks in part to Tim Lincecum, who still regularly overpowers the Dodgers while the rest of the league now has little trouble with him, and in part of the empty space in the Dodgers’ dugout who insists on continuing to start Joe Blanton, despite his total inability to retire major league hitters.

The protoplasm that wears the uniform of the Dodgers’ manager cannot see the light, and still hands the ball to Blanton, who now is 0-3 with a 7.71 ERA as a member of the Dodger’s rotation. Worse yet, is his 1.76 WHIP. League stats don’t go that far down the list of pitchers to see where that figure would rank among NF pitchers, but it’s bad,… very, very, bad.

The Giants are without Melky Cabrera, but they did recently see the return from the DL of Pablo Sandoval. Still, they are undermanned and should still be demoralized by the situation surrounding Cabrera. No fear, Giant faithful! Send your team and Lincecum against the Dodgers, and all is well in the City.

Tonight, Chris Capuano will face SF, coming off his best game in several weeks. However, the Dodgers will be facing Matt Cain, who has also righted his personal sinking ship, winning his last two (by a combined score of 19-4) after losing six of his previous eight decisions.

Tonight’s game means a lot more than the difference between being 2-1/2 or only a half game out of first. If the Dodgers’ cannot beat the Giants head-on in key games, even if they do make the playoffs, will they be one and out, reminiscent of the McCourt years, where they made the playoffs regularly, but had neither the talent nor the motivation to compete like a real playoff-caliber team in the post-season.

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