What Happened? …while I was away: Baseball

Away for a few days, and sooo much happened in baseball:

On Saturday, Aug. 11, Mike Trout robbed yet another opposing batter of a home run, with a spectacular catch and throw, resulting in a double play:

This gives Trout three home-run-saving catches in less than two months. He is also on a pace that for a full season of at bats would have seen him record 35 home runs and 60 stolen bases, along with his .340 avg. Luis Pujols is hitting, as are Kendrys Morale, Torii Hunter, Mark Trumbo, and finally, Chris Iannetta, but despite a dominant (on paper) starting staff, the team is languishing in third place, currently not even in a wild card spot. They were 3-4 while I was away, including a .500 mark against Seattle and Cleveland. Jered Weaver absolutely has to be dominant tonight against Tampa Bay and get them going.

The Dodgers have moved ahead of the Giants, and despite the void in the managerial spot, they could now stay there for the rest of the year, with the Giants losing their leading hitter, Melky Cabrera, for the rest of the season due to his illegal substance suspension. Combine that with the continued struggles of Tim Lincecum, and even daily heroics from Buster Posey, now apparently healthy and in form, will not stop them from sinking in the West – though not as bad as to let the one-year wonders from Arizona pass them.

The continued soap opera in Boston is really irrelevant to the pennant race, as the only real threat to NY is Tampa Bay, with their sensational starting pitching. With Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia on the dl, and the yankees looking for help from Derek Lowe, there should be a race in the AL East.

And what is going on with no-hitters and perfect games this year? Not that Felix Hernandez is not the type of overpowering pitcher who can do it any day of any season, but three perfect games in little more than 2/3 of a season?

We live in interesting times.

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