I Was Wrong About Peter Bourjos and Mike Trout

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

I’ve said that Peter Bourjos is the best center fielder in baseball. Better than Mike Trout. Wrong.

Trout did it again tonight in Chicago against the White Sox – another fabulous catch, taking away a home run, which would have meant a White Sox win. Bourjos plays so little these days, not seeing him in action makes thoughts of his sensational play in the outfield last year distant memories. On the other hand, Trout is creating new memories on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, tonight’s catch isn’t available yet to post, but his catch from late June, robbing JJ Hardy of a home run, has been the top defensive play on Sportscenter ever since:

Yep, tonight’s was even better.

By the way, Trout was 2-for-4 tonight, and is batting .349.

Something I was NOT wrong about is Vernon Wells. He remains a total waste of an Angels’ roster spot, and a serious void in the lineup when Mike Scioscia, for whatever reason, decides to play him, over a real major leaguer, like he did tonight. For the record, Wells is zero for 11 since returning from the disabled list.

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