Questionable Move – Joe Blanton?

Joe Blanton, scheduled to start today for the Phillies, was just acquired by the Dodgers, in a Cash/PTBN deal.

How is Blanton an improvement for the Dodgers?

Over his last three years in Philadelphia, Blanton has complied ERAs of 4.82, 5.01, and this year, 4.59, while going 18-17.

He won’t take Clayton Kershaw’s ace position. He will not supplant the recently hot Chad Billingsley as the number two guy. Numbers three and four in the rotation, Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang, are clearly better pitchers and are having better seasons than Blanton, as well. Fifth starter Stephen Fife? Well, in three starts since his recall, all has he has done is compile the best ERA among Dodgers’ starters (and second only to Kenley Jansen on the staff) at 2.16, and he’s given them quality innings in all three of his starts.

All the rumors before the trade deadline were that the Dodgers were after a starting pitcher. A good starting pitcher. A top of the rotation starting pitcher. Not a Joe Blanton, who, on paper, does not look like he should, or could, break into the rotation.

Ned Colletti has proven that he can make deals; making this deal neither enhances his reputation or improves the team.

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