Manic-Depressive Dodgers Continue To Flounder; New Found Passion Quickly Lost

Remember all that stuff we wrote about new found “Passion”? Well, mattingly is still the Dodgers’ manager, and the “Passion” is history, gone after one impressive weekend in the City by the Bay.

The team played a lackluster series against St. Louis, badly losing the last three games. That was followed by the trade for Hanley Ramirez, a three game series in San Francisco where the team looked renewed, refocused, and motivated, a trade for Shane Victorino, and then the disgraceful three-game trouncing by a very average Arizona team.

What is all this? How does a team with Shane Victorino, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Hanley Ramirez at the top of the order get shut out, racking up the total of two hits – one by pitcher Stephen Fife – against a non-entity like Chipola Junior College’s own Parick Corbin, who came into the game with a grand total of two major league wins and a lifetime ERA of 4.15?

The answer lies not with the Arizona Diamondback, a rag-tag collection of journeymen and wannabes, but managed by a legitimate major league manager and star motivator, Kirk Gibson. The Dodgers, conversely, now have a stable of talent but are burdened with a vapid excuse for a manager, an empty uniform taking up valuable space in the dugout, space that could be occupied by a real managerial talent, like third base coach Tim Wallach.

Forget about all those good things we said the past few days. The passion is gone, the pitching staff still needs help, and the manager has no idea how to put the right guys on the field in the right spots, let alone actually motivate a talented team that should now be at a crescendo, to actually score and beat an inferior team.

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