Scioscia Uses His Head in Series Opener

Is Mike Scioscia listening to us?

Unlikely, but he made some good moves in creating the lineup chosen to open this big, big series in Texas. The key was Mike Trout being ok to play, and by replacing the worthless Vernon Wells with Trout in left, leaving Peter Bourjos in center, and returning Torii Hunter to right, the Angles have playing against Texas not only excellent offense in the outfield, but unquestionably the finest defensive outfield in baseball today, and maybe the best defensive trio ever to play a game together.

Bourjos is the the best defensive center fielder playing today, a tiny step better than Trout, and Hunter, still great at 37, distinguished himself as one of the very best ever over a decade of spectacular play and gold glove awards.

While Mark Trumbo would add considerable offense to the outfield, and while not to discount a group that includes the league’s leading hitter in Trout and the hot-hitting Hunter, the trio out there tonight might well decide the game on defense. Heaven knows, Ervin Santana and his 6.00 ERA need all the help they can get.

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