Post-Neil Olshey Clippers’ Era Off to Great Start

Former General Manager Neil Olshey deserves the bulk of the credit for building the Clipper team that made last season’s playoffs. His off-season departure appeared to be a major blow to the club’s future, but a series of player moves the past few weeks have generally been excellent, and have strengthened the current roster without mortgaging the future. How we look at some of these moves:

Re-signing Chanucey Billups – A. The team was never quite the same after Billups suffered his season-ending injury. His experience, savvy, and talent cannot be overemphasized. With him back at shooting guard, the Clippers are back to a full strength starting five that can compete with the best in the division.

Trade for Lamar Odom – B+. The gave up a lot to re-acquire Odom, who suffered through a miserable year in Dallas. A return to form in LA is more than likely, and his presence will lend stability to more than one position, and add an additional veteran presence to a still young and developing team.

Signing Jamal Crawford – A-. A great pick-up the streak-shooting Crawford was a much better choice than Ray Allen who had been the subject of Clipper rumors. Five years younger than Allen, he puts up similar numbers at this stage of their respective careers, but he has done it in significantly less minutes. He should get plenty of PT backing up the recovering Billups, and could even fill-in at point guard.

NOT resigning Nick Young – A+. The selfish little trojan scummy guard can take his meager talents to Philadelphia and the winners are the Clippers. Crawford is a MAJOR upgrade at back-up shooting guard.

Signing Grant Over-The Hill – D-. The one bad move. Hill is through. He won’t last two months as a Clipper, or on any contending team. If he wants to make fans forget that he once could play this game, then he should finish out his career in Charlotte or with the Wizards. If he wants to be remembered otherwise, he should hang ‘em up.

Four our of five is not bad.

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