The New Dodgers’ Era Begins

The legal stuff was completed yesterday, and today the real people walked on to the Dodger Stadium turf, and introduced a new era to beleaguered LA fans.

With Magic Johnson the face of the new Dodger ownership, with the immensely knowledgeable and successful Stan Kasten as the new guy running baseball operations, and with the likes of Mark Walter, Peter Guber, and Guggenheim Baseball Management putting up the dough, hopefully the years of the folly of both fox and McCourt can soon be forgotten.

On the field, the Dodgers’ began the season with a new frame of mind, and with a handful of new supporting players backing up a nucleus of stars, the Dodgers’ have the league’s best record, despite the lack of a legitimate, intelligent, professional manager.

Three things stand out from the press

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conference held by the new ownership guys:

1. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa participating and showing his support for the new ownership. We have previously documented how Los Angeles politicians, in particular former mayor Richard Riordan, sabotaged former owner Peter O’Malley (“Football in LA, the Cons“) and were the cause for him selling out to fox, leading to the six miserable years under their reign, and then ultimately the sale to McCourt, and the horrors that he created.

2. Vin Scully saying that this was the LAST new ownership press conference that he would ever attend; and

3. The first order of new business, as announced by Magic, was that effective immediately for the next home game, parking rates would be reduced 33%, from $15.00 to $10.00. When I first started going to games at Dodger Stadium, the best seat in the house was a $3.50 ticket. Not that long ago, parking was still in the $5.00-6.00 range. Remember, it’s about a one-and-one-half to two mile walk from the closest street parking to a stadium entrance. Angelenos will endure only so many time-consuming hardships to find bargain parking. This simple move will quickly ingratiate even the most skeptical Dodgers’ fans to the new guys.

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