Those Amazin’ Clippers

After a miserable first half, after losing forward Caron Butler to a broken hand, after trailing by as many as 27 points, and after being down by 24 in the fourth quarter, the Clippers, coached by someone who is not the reincarnation of Del Harris took their first and only lead of the game with under half a minute to play, and held on to shock the overconfident and now thoroughly shaken Memphis Grizzlies, 99 to 98, in their opening game of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

The Clippers never played as downright awful this entire season as they did last night for three quarters, but they recovered before it was too late, and made as big a statement as this beleaguered franchise has ever made during its 28 seasons as the other Los Angeles team.

This was the first playoff game the Clippers have won in six years, and they did it in the dark, as surely even the most diehard Clippers’ fans, not to mention those who tuned in just to see a good game, turned the game off in disgust long before the amazing fourth quarter comeback.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single unexpected victory.

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