NBA Penalty to Lunatic fka Ron Artest is a Joke

In 2004, the lunatic formally known as Ron Artest committed mayhem, viciously attacking and injuring players and fans during a game in Detroit. He was given an 86-game suspension by the league. During his career, he has been suspended an additional 12 times, missing a total of 111 games, for violent, illegal, and largely criminal actions on the court. Off the court, he has served jail time for domestic violence.

A couple of days ago we wrote about his latest escapade and added video of his violent, injurious attack on Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden.

We called for a minimum one year suspension for the thug who masquerades as a Laker wearing a jersey with some asinine name involving words like metta and world and peace.

Well, the joke of all professional sports leagues, the National Basketball Association, apparently waiting for the lunatic thug to actually kill someone before taking any real action, has now suspended him for the ridiculous total of seven games.

What a joke.

He should have been banned for life in 2004. Given that he was not, his long record of violence on and off the court SINCE demands much more than the joke of a seven game suspension now.

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