It Took Awhile, But the Lunatic fka Ron Artest Crossed the Line

Over the years I have written quite a bit about the lunatic scumwad fka ron artest, now masquerading as a Laker wearing some compilation of meta tag world free piece crap on his jersey. I’ve often inferred how the guy is genuinely criminally insane, and that it was only a matter a time before he hits the wall once again, reminiscent of 2004 and the Palace at Auburn Hills when he committed numerous felonies on the court and in the stands, and instead of being banned from the NBA and prosecuted in court, he was given a stupidly insignificant 86 game suspension.

Well, in yesterday afternoon’s Laker-Thunder game, the scumwad finally blew up, committing the season’s most flagrant criminal act, striking Thunder guard James Harden across the back of the head with a viciously thrown elbow:

Looking at the tape, there is no way to conclude that the act was unintentional, as the scumwad said after the game. This was an intentional act, a criminal act, and based on his history of violent, criminal acts, inflicting injury on players and bystanders, not to mention his off the court assaults on various girlfriends, he needs at least a year’s suspension.

Commissioner Stern, do not let him get away with this type of act YET AGAIN! The next James Harden might not be able to get up off the court.

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One Response to It Took Awhile, But the Lunatic fka Ron Artest Crossed the Line

  1. Ted Lindemann says:

    The criminal act should result in his ejection from the NBA. Do we wait until he kills someone?

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