More on LA’s Basketball Coaches

Since I wrote my two-part article on Vinny Del Negro and Mike Brown, interesting things have happened.

Amazingly, all it took for LA fans and pundits to realize Vinny is not that bad a coach and to get off his back and quit calling for him to be fired was a six-game winning streak. Amazing how that works.

As to Brown, the Lakers have their own modest three-game streak, but there have at the same time been inklings of criticism due to the situation with Andrew Bynum and comments made by Kobe and by Matt Barnes. Unrest in Lakerland – how unusual.

Well this all will either be intensified or totally shifted after tonight’s meeting between the teams. If the Clippers do not beat the Lakers, creeps will be coming out of the woodwork calling for Del Negro’s head, and if the Lakers lose, well, who knows what the elite cadre of basketball experts who live their lives through the Lakers will be yelling from the rooftops.

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