Absurd Anschutz Demands Put LA Football Stadium Deal in Jeopardy

We’ve frequently commented on various actions of that scumwad Phil Anschutz and his AEG company that want to control LA sports and entertainment, as they have in cities around the world, to the detriment of all LA residents, not just football fans.

We’ve described how the proposed football stadium deal, appealing to the weakness of deprived football fans, will screw the City of LA and its taxpayers. Now, the NFL has stepped up and roared its power, in effect telling Anschutz that they will not be similarly coerced.

Anschutz’ proposal includes the requirement that any NFL team that wants to play in his stadium must sell to him AT A DISCOUNT PRICE a minority stock interest, and turn over team control. Well, Commissioner Roger Goodell has told him in no uncertain terms that he and the NFL will not accept any such deal, and if he wants to control a team, his one option is to buy a team.

Goodell and the power of the NFL has stood up to this egomaniacal jerk were mayors, councilpersons, governors, and a certain ex-president (whose initials are g w b) who accepted massive campaign contributions and corresponding demands, would not.

It is unlikely that any current NFL owner will sell out to Anschutz, in particular any owner of a team currently considering moving to Los Angeles. Thus, finally, the stadium plan could be dead. The City of LA has put on hold massive projects, to its detriment, and to the detriment of more honest and ethical developers, all to placate the miserable jerk Anschutz. Its time to plan a realistic Convention Center update, that DOES NOT involve Anschutz’ ridiculous concept of tearing down the existing structure in order to move it over one block.

We have been sans NFL since 1994. We have managed to survive. We can continue to get by without an NFL team.

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