MLB Opener in Japan a Bad, Bad Idea

So it seems that the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners Japanese soil this week. The games will be played at prime Japanese evening time, which means for anyone interested in watching or listening to the action back in the USA, game time will be something like 3 a.m. PDT, tomorrow. Well, actually in about seven hours.

Ichiro to Play Regular Season Game in Japan

Ichiro to Play Regular Season Game in Japan

After these games, the A’s and the Mariners will return home for the rest of spring training, playing four and five more, respectively, exhibition games, prior to next weeks season openers. Well, season openers for the other 28 major league teams. You see, these two games between Oakland and Seattle this week, in Japan, are real games, that count in the standings and everything; games that are part of that 162 game schedule.’s Tim Keown wants to know if anyone will notice:

“This is how your 2012 big league season begins: In the middle of the night on a Wednesday in March, thousands of miles away, in a game between two bad teams playing in a dome, on fake grass, before a crowd that couldn’t care less. It’s a far cry from the traditional day game in Cincinnati, a tradition that went away so long ago it’s almost embarrassing to admit to remembering it.”

Just which inmate in the MLB asylum decided on this plan? Or abandon that opening day event in Cincinnati, as well?

Forget that part about going to Japan. How do players get ready for regular season games, actually play a couple of them, then go BACK to spring training for a almost a half dozen more end-of-spring meaningless exhibitions? That’s asking a lot, and for our perspective, an insult to professional ballplayers.

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