LA Basketball Coaches Treated Very Differently, Part One

What in the world is with all of these LA basketball pundits who think Vinny Del Negro is, or should be, on the way out as Clippers head coach. And why are they giving an almost total free pass to the real underachiever, the second coming of Del Harris, the Lakers’ excuse for a leader, Mike Brown?

You listen to these guys, like KSPN’s fill-in-chief and super trojan brain surgeon wonk, Mark Willard, and they make it sound like, on one hand, the Lakers’ team is composed of a roster of junior high school jvs and are being masterfully led to undeserved heights by Brown, while on the other hand, the Clippers are talent-wise the reincarnation of the 1985-6 Boston Celtics, but being led into a giant downward spiral by the incompetent Del Negro.

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Well, let me give you my opinion, first on the Lakers. Their roster from the start of the season has been significantly better than these know-it-alls say. Lakers talent is being totally misused by Brown. Players like Troy Murphy and Josh McRoberts are excellent back-ups, whose games have been destroyed by the way they have been handled by Brown. Even more so is the case of two talented guys the Lakers just gave up, Jason Kapono and Luke Walton. Kapono can shoot but when he infrequently played, he NEVER saw the ball anytime he was ever open. People forget that Walton was an integral part of Lakers championship teams, but he never got a

chance to show Brown that he can play in this league. Brown’s love affair with the lunatic ron world be peace metta tag free is absurd. Meanwhile, other young talent wastes away on the bench. Yes, I mean Devin Ebanks and Darius Morris. Early in the season these two guys showed two things: They have NBA talent, and they need playing time to mature. Morris should have gotten time especially when Steve Blake was hurt, and Ebanks should be in much of that wasted time the peace meta tag thing gets.

As to the roster moves the team recently made, they gave away Derek Fisher for nothing. Jordan Hill is a non-entity, who will only take up roster space for the next month. They made a brilliant deal, however, for Ramon Sessions, and the way he has played, he could be the Lakers point guard for the next five years or longer. But, what happened to talented power forward Derrick Caracter? He showed last season that he has the talent to be a great backup at that spot, and potential starter.

So, this team talent-wise stinks, but the second coming is working miracles. Bull. The declining 2010-1 Lakers ended their season 32 games over five hundred, and played .695 ball. Harris’s, uh, Brown’s 2012 team is staggering along at .625, which their current 7-2 streak got them up to. Yea, Brown’s a real magician.

Tomorrow, the Clippers.

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