Lakers in Sacramento to Face Kings

Power Balance Pavillion, Sacramento. Definitely NOT the Honda Center

Power Balance Pavillion, Sacramento. Definitely NOT the Honda Center

The Lakers play at Sacramento tonight, which is in and of itself a story, with the Kings having all but relocated to the Honda Ponda in Anaheim this past off-season. But, they remain in Capital City, and now play in the brand, spanking new Power Balance Pavillion, Well, actually the 20-plus year of old former ARCO brand, spanking newly renamed Arena.

There will actually be some new faces in Kings uniforms there tonight. Unfortunately, the uniforms that figure to see playing time will be worn by NBA re-treads, like undersized power forward-center Chuck Hayes, Cleveland reject J.J. Hickson, journeyman Travis Outlaw, and journeyman swingman John Salmons who is on his second tour of duty with Sacramento.

The Kings also have a very interesting group of rookies, who, unfortunately, do not figure to yet see much playing time. Legendary scorer Jimmer Fredette is the centerpiece of this group, which also includes two-time Pac-10 Tournament MVP Isaiah Thomas, and Tyler Honeycutt, the former Bruin star who left school after his sophomore year.

Others who do figure to get most of the playing time are last year’s major disappointment, center DeMarcus Cousins, who specialized in turnovers, while making 43% of those two-inch shots from over the rim, and the prior year’s top rookie, Tyreke Evans, who was a major bust as a soph, but who did fight injuries most of the season.

The Lakers figure to easily beat the 3-point betting line on the game.

I’d sure like to see some playing time for the guys who did not get off the bench yesterday, despite off-season talk of their importance to the team, Jason Kapono and Matt Barnes. Maybe even some time for Luke Walton would be possible.

This is the kind of game the Lakers easily won even under Del Harris. A loss would be reminiscent of the Randy Pfund era. Mike Brown, it’s up to you.

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