Clippers Win Opener For First TIme in Recorded Memory

The Clippers 19-pt win over Golden State was even better than the 15 point margin predicted here yesterday.

LA Clippers Blake Griffin with Warriiors' Monta Ellis

LA Clippers Blake Griffin with Warriiors' Monta Ellis

After a hit-and-miss first half, in the second half the multi-point-guard system worked well, and newcomers Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups and Caron Butler all played like they had had a full pre-season of acclamation with each other and the few remaining holdovers.

The Warriors are not the Lakers, the Bulls, or the Heat, but should be a decent, .500-ish team, on the cusp of playoff contention, and were the perfect opponent for the Clippers’ opener: A guard-oriented team with a star power forward and lots of young, enthusiastic players, out to prove they have the talent for the NBA. And Kwame Brown.

Chauney Billups has made a quick and successful transition to the two guard spot next to Paul, and Mo Williams did not stink coming off the bench. So three point guards might work, at least until Eric Bledsoe recovers from his injury and makes it a gang of four.

The one stat from tonight’s game that really stands out is DeAndre Jordan’s 33% free throw shooting. A lifetime 41 percenter, this could portend dangerous times in key game situations. Even Shaquille O’Neal’s worst ever percentage was 42%. Conversely, maybe the best stat of the game was Jordan’s eight blocked shots. Jordan is starting his fourth season, and the Clippers, sans Chris Kaman, are relying on him as the only true center on the team, and they need all-around motivated play from him, EVERY game.

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