AFC West: Pathetic Palmer & Raiders, Another Tebow Comeback

The AFC West is now clearly a one-team division.

The crybaby has been trojan scum Carson Palmer continues to stink up what ever football field he happens to sneak onto with his Raider teammates, and for the second week in a row, played as miserable a first through third quarters as is possible to play, and long after the games were decided salvaged his personal stats with meaningless fourth quarter touchdowns. Last week against a bad Miami team, down 34-0, he brought his 25 QB rating up to the 70s with meaningless fourth quarter play. Then today, down 37-7 to Green Bay, and having personally guaranteed a Packer victory with four interceptions, Palmer again threw two meaningless TD passes, though his overall play was so bad he could only elevate that QB rating to the low 40s.

At the other end of the spectrum is the remarkable Tim Tebow, who again brought fourth quarter and overtime magic to the Broncos drive to be a good team in the Pathetic Division, and become a worthy playoff team. Down 10-0 with about four minutes to play, TT rallied Denver to a TD and a last second 59-yd field goal in regulation, and then an OT field go for the win, the Broncos sixth in a row, which gave them sole possession of first place in the Pathetic Division.

At the Raiders end of that Pathetic scale, Kansas City showed what a fluke last week’s win was, getting trounced by the very average Jets and their scampy little sex offender quarterback Mark Sanchez. And, after those six straight losses, the Chargers again beat up on a bad team, handing the Bills their sixth straight loss. Since that 5-2 start, Buffalo has played bad enough to qualify for the AFC West.

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