UCLA Athletic Department in Shambles: Jim L. Mora is the Guy

The basketball team is off to its worst start in a decade and there is the promise of more bad things to come, with, after a month of uncertainty and suspensions, the departure of the team’s best player, Reeves Nelson, plus the loss of one top recruit and a waiting game for another.

With the firing of Rick Neuheisel, there was hope for the football program, especially with names like Chris Petersen and Kevin Sumlin being bandied about. But, as we sit here at a quarter past midnight, we see that a decision has been made, and it is a shock: Dan Guerrero’s choice to return UCLA to football prominence is an NFL washout whose only claim to fame, or to football expertise, is the fact that his father was a decent head coach. Yes, Dan’s pick is none other than Jim Mora, Jr. (not really Junior, he has an “L.”, dad has an “E.” but it’s easier this way.)

Jimmy Jr. compiled a 31-33 won-lost record over four years as a head guy in the NFL, but that is deceiving. He’s not that good. He was 19-13 his first two seasons, then 12-20 his last two. In fact, he won less games EVERY YEAR he was a head coach, going 11-5, 8-8. 7-9, and 5-11.

And he has NO experience coaching at the college level, unless you want to include his years as a graduate assistant at UDub 30 years ago.

This has all the earmarks of another half-decade of failure, heartache, and ridicule for Bruin fans. Junior, prove me wrong and Dan right.

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