Basketball “Experts” Are Lunatics

All those commentators out there, the Laker “brain trust”, and who ever it was, whether it was David Stern, the owner of the Miami Heat, or the ghost of Red Auerbach, who was actually responsible for throwing the beloved monkey wrench, they are all lunatics and idiots.

LA basketball fans, the best thing that has happened to the Lakers since Phil Jackson’s return in 2005, was the voiding of the stupid, ridiculous trade they apparently believed they completed yesterday morning. That trade would have brought the Lakers the talented but physically impaired Chris Paul, in exchange for BOTH Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

That trade would have decimated the Lakers. Period.

Yea, they would get a good, NOT GREAT, point guard, in Paul, but a Chris Paul who has NEVER fully recovered from the knee injury he suffered the season before last, and whose statistics have declined year after year. OK, he is still only 26, but he is damaged property, and he can’t play power forward. Therein lies the rub.

By trading Gasol and Odom, the Lakers would have been left with always injured center Andrew Bynum as the only experienced big man on the roster, and with the second-year totally inexperienced Derrick Caracter as the team’s only power forward.

The Lakers need a point guard. But they need a healthy one, who can play 80 regular season games and every playoff game at full strength, not a declining player with a chronic injury. They have one of those in the talented but underachieving Andrew Bynum. The do not need another, especially since had the trade gone through, Bynum would either play all those games just referenced, and at full strength, or the Lakers would be a sub-.500 team.

The media has also been ranting about how the Lakers will be getting both Paul and Dwight Howard, but who in the world do the Lakers have to deal to Orlando for Howard after Gasol and Odom are both gone? If their sights WERE also on Howard, that would mean Orlando would accept a one-for-one trade for Bynum or it would have to wait another year until he is a free agent, but Howard has made it clear that he wants to be playing for the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. And, that one-for-one deal would still leave the Lakers with a major numbers void. Who in the free agent market could they possibly sign that would make up for the loss of Gasol or Odom, let alone both?

One final note: Commentators have said that it is unprecedented for a league to void a trade such as this. Well, back in 1976 Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn voided three deals that Oakland Athletics’ owner Charlie Finley had made, doing so in “the best interests of baseball”. And in the NBA, less than five years later, the league stepped in to stop the trading away of valuable assets for insufficient compensation by the Cleveland Cavalier’s incompetent owner, Ted Stepien. (See the “Stepien Rule”)

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