New Guys in Los Angeles

So, in this off season which has been dominated in LA media by Dodgers’ talk, where speculation is rampant over who will win the Dodgers’ lottery, be it Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson, Dennis Gilbert, Steve Garvey, or some unknown zillionaire parking lot attendant, where Clayton Kershaw has won accolades as the Cy Young winner, where Matt Kemp has been disappointed in NOT winning the MVP,and where Ned Colletti has opened the Dodgers’ coffers and spent lavishly on the likes of Jerry Hairston, Adam Kennedy, Mark Ellis, Chris Capuano, and Aaron Harang, the Angels this morning sounded an air raid alert of a wake-up alarm, with announcements of Arte Moreno paying out in excess of $325 million and transforming the Angels into perhaps the favorite to win the 2012 World Series.

What did they do? Don’t you know by now? It’s all over TV and the radio. How could you miss it?

Well, Arte and the new guy Jerry Dipoto just agreed to a contract with former Rangers’ lefty C.J. Wilson for $77.5 mil over five years, and …. and …. oh yea, $250 mil over 10 years to ALBERT PUJOLS!!!!!

Not kidding.

Weaver, Haren, Santana and Wilson in the rotation. Pujols in between Hunter, Wells, the hopefully healthy Kendrys Morales, in the lineup. A new, real, all-around catcher in Chris Iannetta. Fabulous defense at all the key spots with the likes of Erick Aybar and Peter Bourjos. The spotty bullpen and 3B still need addressing, but they now have a displaced Mark Trumbo who could be dealt to fill one of those voids.

The rest of the American League might as well just take the summer off. No need to play. It’s a done deal.

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  1. quote of the day, from angels GM jerry dipoto, asked about the questions about the 31-year-old albert pujols’s age: \”he hits like he’s 27\”

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