UCLA in Bowl Game? Against Illinois? Really?

Get ready Bruin fans, only 26 days to prepare for the Fight Hunger Bowl, featuring the match-up of the year! LSU-Alabama? Naw. Wisconsin-Oregon? No Way. 6-7 UCLA vs. 6-6 Illinois – that’s the match-up we’ve been craving.

Out of control, money-hungry bowl system? Why think that? Just because the Bruins go into the game under .500 and having given up 45+ points in five games this season, including a starting 99 in the last two (yea, 2) games? Just because the 6-6 Illini went a vibrant 2-6 in the Big Ten, and go into the game on a six-game losing streak? Just because both teams performed so well this season that the head coach of EACH team was fired?

Well, yea.

With the joke of the Pac-12 Conference Championship game now behind them, and with the impending bowl game on the schedule, UCLA will end the season having played 14 games. FOURTEEN. What was that argument again, used for decades now, about a playoff system being unworkable because it would require student-athletes missing too much class time to add a couple more games onto a then 10, 11, or 12 game season?

When theHoundDawg attended UCLA (back in the “dark ages”), it was the Pac-8, the Big Ten actually had only 10 member schools, only the conference champs could play in a bowl game, the Rose Bowl, and no team could go two years in a row. There was no playoff system, but bowl games were few, and they actually meant something.

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