Rick Neuheisel Must Go

Way back when, when Bob Toledo was hired as UCLA’s head coach, I wished it had been Rick Neuheisel. Neuheisel had a measure of success, and some big problems, as the head coach at Colorado and then Washington. Toledo had success then disaster at UCLA, and he was followed by the vacant regime of Karl Dorrell. Finally in 2008 Neuheisel came home to coach the Bruins.

After four disappointing seasons, he must go.

Despite this underachieving year, all along I felt he deserved one more, but as I sit watching this unmitigated disaster against the brain surgeons, I am satisfied that his time here has come and gone, that he has proven his incompetence to lead a major college team to prominence.

From the ridiculous “Pistol” offense, the lack of improvement of talented players, the failure to recruit enough talented players, to overall poor in-game coaching demonstrated by the total misuse of timeouts, to misuse of talented players, to play calling that repeatedly fails to take advantage of scoring opportunities, and to basic failure such as teaching defensive players to pursue the ball and to tackle, it is clear that another year would be another wasted, frustrating season of underachievement.

Champs of the Pac-12 Southern Division – What a joke.

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