Raiders Eke Out Win and Chargers Stink Up Chicago in Inept AFL West

Another typical day for the inept AFL West, with the Raiders and their cry-baby trojan has-been quarterback Carson Palmer eking out a six-point win over a bad 2-8 Minnesota team playing without their star RB Adrian Peterson and with their neophyte qb-in-training Christian Ponder throwing three interceptions, and the Chargers again demonstrating two facts, that they are the worst coached team in the NFL and that Philip Rivers’ days as a top performer are over.

As the Chargers were being dominated by the Chicago Bears (as predicted here) ole Norv Turner showed once again his complete lack of football leadership, such as when he called a fourth quarter time out to ponder whether or not to dispute a “questionable” call. He called the TO, threw the red flag, lost the challenge, and thus lost an additional, and his last, TO. And Rivers, despite racking up impressive-on-paper 21 of 31 for 280 yards stats, threw two key interceptions that sealed the Chargers’ fate.

And AFC West fans, you’ve got tomorrow night’s slaughter to look forward to, as Kansas City plays at New England. What a battle San Diego and KC will have through the end of the season to see who ends in the cellar. Despite having ten times the talent of the Chiefs, Norv’s coaching will secure last place for the Chargers.

When the Chargers moved to San Diego for the 1961 season, they had more raw talent than any other team in professional football, with Lance Alworth, Keith Lincoln, Paul Lowe, right-wing zealot and future Congressman and Presidential contender Jack Kemp, Ron Mix, Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison, Emil Karas, Jacque McKinnon, and they had one of the great coaches and great innovators in the long history of the game of football, Hall-of-Famer Sid Gillmam. If the Chargers return to Los Angeles and the AEG albatross in downtown LA, they will likely bring with them the inept Norv Turner and several dozen legendary underachievers.

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