MLB Reallignment Means Interleague Games Entire Season, Added Wild Cards

Like we said the other day, the move of the Houston Astros to the American League forming two 15-team leagues requires the scheduling of at least one interleague game virtually every day of the baseball regular season. It’s that or extend the season past Thanksgiving, with a Christmas-themed World Series.

Along with realignment, the playoff structure is being changed to add an additional wild-card team to each league’s playoffs. That is the right move, but the prevailing view is to have a single game playoff between wild card teams in each league. THAT is just plain wrong.

Football does that, due to the nature and structure of the game. Baseball’s nature and structure, and historical development, demands a minimum three-game series to decide any playoff, other than as an end-of-season tiebreaker. This past season would have pitted the Tampa Bay Rays against the plummeting Red Sox in a wild card playoff. What a series that would have been, but for one game, or three? The minimum needs to be three.

Even the NBA mandates multi-game playoff series’.

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