Tim Tebow and Denver Taking Over Abysmal AFC West

As theHoundDawg said they would, the Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs to pull into a second-place tie in the abysmal AFC West, at 4-5. More predictions, hinted at previously: Denver will win the division, and no AFC West team will finish better than 8-8. In fact, while Denver could possibly better that mark, no other division team will end better than 7-9, primarily because of the total ineptitude of the San Diego Chargers’ coaching staff, the talentless qb in KC, and the cry-baby has-been qb in Oakland, AND because all these teams have several upcoming games with a REAL division, the NFC North. For example, the Raiders have yet to play Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit. 0-3 there, FOR SURE. San Diego has Chicago and Detroit coming up on their schedule.

Denver has been absolutely amazing, and Tebow’s up-and-down play has been unreal. Today he completed only two, count’em – TWO – passes, but his second completion was a game-winning, fourth quarter 56 yard TD pass. He managed only 13 passing yards throughout the rest of the game.

But if you want ineptitude, football’s premier scumbag, that piece of crap Michael Vick, has fallen back to be the inept passer he has been most of his career, throwing a last minute interception to end a potential come-from-behind scoring drive and handing the 2-6 Arizona Cardinals a third victory. Vick finished 16 of 34 for 128 yards, with no TDs, two interceptions and a robust 32.5 passer rating. So just when will Vince Young get his shot to show Philadelphia what that team can actually accomplish?

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