Just HOW Would MLB Schedule Games with Two, 15-Team Leagues?

With at least one interleague game virtually every day of the season, that’s how.

The impending sale of the Houston Astros to Jim Crane that is dependent on the team transferring to the American League prior to the 2013 season creating an odd number of teams in each league will create an albatross for schedule makers. If you hate interleage play, get ready to suck it up. Unless the season is extended using the ridiculous NFL bye-week system, giving two teams days off most days of the season, there will be games between leagues throughout the season.

Both leagues should have the same number of teams, but MLB is hesitant to have another expansion in dire economic times. Thus, the solution now can only be a traditionalists’ nightmare, and a scheduling morass.

ESPN had reported that the push for evening out the leagues came from the Major League Baseball Players Association. I’m sure we’ll get an earful through the 2013 season from players upset at the scheduling for which their association was responsible.

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