Dodgers’ Future at Crossroads

Frank McCourt could continue to fight to retain ownership of the Dodgers, keeping players, management, and fans alike in turmoil, and spending his limited resources for legal battles, rather than on-field improvement.


He could, as has now been reported, agree to sell, hopefully to an experienced, professional, committed, financially viable, and unless that guy is Mark Cuban, local, owner, who will be more than willing to spend what is needed to retain the handful of great players the team now has, add additional on-field and organizational talent, do needed Dodger Stadium structural and safety improvements, and provide the inspiration and dedication at the top so sorely missing from both the Fox and McCourt ownership, and not seen since Los Angeles politics sent Peter O’Malley packing.

Despite financial constraints, off-field distractions, and the mediocre, mindless, and moronic managing of Don Mattingly, thanks to the handful of stars wearing Dodger blue, the team ended a respectable 82-79. Matt Kemp had an MVP year, capped off by winning the Gold Glove for his defense in center field. Clayton Kershaw had the greatest single season a Dodger pitcher has had since Orel Hershiser in 1988. Kershaw actually had better statistics across the board this season than Hirshiser had in 1988, with the exception of falling two victories short. And, while Kershaw had no post season to further shine as did Hirshiser, he did cap off the season with his own Gold Glove as the best fielding pitcher in the National League. Andre Ethier began the season with a bang, but injuries cut his numbers, and his season, short. Yet, he was the third Dodger to bring home a Gold Glove.

The play of youngsters like Dee Gordon, Justin Sellers, Jerry Sands, and Rubby de la Rosa are more evidence that the team could well be on the verge of a return to true excellence on the field.

If only that would also be true for the off-the-field team, beginning with the owner.

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