Rangers’ Time Has Come and Gone – Cardinals WIll Win It

The Texas Rangers would not be where they are today without the great offense provided by Nelson Cruz, but they lost their chance to be World Champs when he misplayed David Freese’ drive to right field in the ninth inning last night. Cruz stopped and started, instead of going back and to his left, playing what should have been the final out of the series into a game-tying two-run triple. After Lance Berkman again tied the game in the 10th, it was Freese who won the game and tied the series with a lead off home run in the 11th. With momentum having shifted to St. Louis, and with the Cardinals due to Wednesday’s rainout now having experienced, veteran ace Chris Carpenter available to start tonight, I give little chance to Texas.

That is a shame for two reasons: 1) The fabulous play of ex-Angel Mike Napoli, who all but had the series MVP wrapped up, and 2) Ex-Dodger Adrian Beltre, also having a fabulous first World Series in his 14th major league season.

As to the Cardinals, while most observers say their time is now due to the impending loss of Albert Pujols, I see the team much differently, with a very promising future. Why? Well, due to the play of two future stars, the aforementioned David Freese and Allen Craig, likely having Rafael Furcal to stabilize the infield for the next couple of years, and most importantly, due to the return next season of co-ace starter Adam Wainwright, who missed the entire 2011 season after compiling 19-8, 2.63, and 20-11, 2.42 records the prior two seasons.

I say this after having rooted for Nolan Ryan’s Rangers through the first six games, despite having to witness views of the disgusting face of unindicted felon george w bush so often seen mugging in the background of camera shots of Ryan.

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